It all started with sharing Tiffins, and now we share an eternal bond

“Our path crossed between, and we started appreciating the journey a whole lot more”

I have heard that, if you have been friends for more than 7 years, you are likely to be friends forever! Lucky for me, I have friends with whom I basically shared my entire life and off course, still sharing.

While I may not say it out loud, I treasure each one of you and love you guys exactly for the people you are. You guys have been a major part of my life, from crying over a pencil to broken heart, you guys have always been there. I have no idea why, but thank you for bearing with me.



We have been a special part of each other’s life for so long that now it is impossible to imagine a life without you guys in it. From school, college, to now where we are in our respective lives, if there was one thing that remained intact was our friendship Sure there were times when there were tensions in the relationship, but that never questioned our bond.

We have been partners for homework, school projects, parent problems, teacher problems, those crazy get together, first crush, first love, and so much more. Where we see people bonding over selfies and high-end parties, we bonded over Tiffin ki roti-sabzi and just like those roti and sabzi our friendship is eternal. I love the fact that we never look for “cool” places to hangout, we always had one place (you all know which place I am talking about :P) to go, and that always had been enough for us.

Sure we may be in different directions but we are just one call away or WhatsApp group message away.

We truly are friends of quality rather than quantity, though we are a handful.




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