Sometimes it is about embracing the chaos!!!


“Not Chocolates, Not Fries; what I care is serenity. And maybe one day I will find it, But for now, I am embracing the chaos”


At times, I feel like everything around me is falling apart and things just don’t make any sense. My relationship, my career, everything looked so screwed up and it feels like any moment, I am gonna lose my shit. As a reading addict, I desperately wait for closure like there is in every novel. Unfortunately, in real life, there isn’t actually anything like this.

This is life- Things may be going really well for you now but tomorrow chances are you will find yourself in a totally screwed up situation. Your journey will take you through so many different phases and that is all there is to know about life.

Having said that, there is no reason to lose hope; because when you accept life as it is, trust me it is the most beautiful and blissful thing that you will ever find yourself in.

And I don’t know why people keep telling “you need to find your direction.” Because I feel sometimes not knowing where your life is headed is good, I mean chances are, you may end up finding something more worthwhile than your final destination. Perhaps a beautiful journey. So don’t rush things, wait because things might turn out better than you imagined. And what you might consider your failure can turn out to be something amazing.

Remember life isn’t a fairytale and that is what makes it so beautiful.



Imagine if everything in life went as you planned, no surprises, no failures no lessons; what a sad life that would be? Sometimes it is not about knowing things; sometimes it is about being absolutely lost and figuring it out.

It gives your life the rearranging it needs. Trust me, it is good when things get mess up and your life turns upside down because then you can rearrange yourself where you belong.

So if you are lost, then it is probably a good thing, just relax and enjoy the chaos because it is as beautiful as the peace that comes afterward.



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