Everything changed and I became more of myself


This time I put my broken pieces a bit differently; trust me the new me is amazing.

The First love; it always seem perfect, isn’t it?

We used to speak all day along but still used to feel that there is something left. Whether it is a simple Good morning text or catching up on the day, random texts or deep late night conversation, we never got enough of each other.

With you becoming such an integral part of my life, just a simple thought of being apart from you scared the hell out of me. Eventually, you became a habit that I found hard to avoid. You made everything better, gave me a feeling that I never thought I would need.

But as time passed, we realized that we are poles apart. We may be travelling through the same path, but we both were waiting for different turns. Sweet talks and love were substituted by disagreement and ugly fights. There were weeks when we didn’t talk to each other because we knew it would just start another argument, which would just wear us out both.


Those unresolved issues and unsaid goodbye were making it tougher and tougher to hold on. And one day it happened, we said our Goodbye to each other. Like I imagined it wasn’t easy to let go of you. Your memory haunted me for months before I was able to think straight.  But like people say everything happens for a reason, and I think it was a good thing that you gave up on me.


With all the suffering I eventually learned to fight for myself. I learnt that you have to be your own hero and stand for yourself. I was all alone through my tough times and eventually started enjoying my own company and trust me nothing beats that feeling. Today I am independent and learned to love myself. I am proud of battling myself alone.

The journey from someone who wasn’t worth it to they will never realize my worth was truly amazing. Now, there is no looking back, only moving forward.




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